Specialized Tools, Products and Services

Claim Review & Monitoring Services

Provides Claim Reporting Assistance, Notifications, Monitoring and much more. Designed to keep you updated on claims statuses, ex-mod reviews...

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Human Resource Directions

Provides employers with an HR Compliance & Procedure Audit including Employee Handbook Review, Records Review, Handbook Review, as well as Training, Audits...

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Benefit Management Solutions

Looking at your Employee Benefits Program from a different point of view. How can we help you align your business goals...

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OSHA & Labor Guidance Services

Includes an Injury & Illness Prevention Program, Labor Law Postings & Board, Safety Meetings, Written Hazard Inspections...

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Risk Resource Center

An affordable HR and Safety Program Management System that is available online 24/7 that includes tools that help to easily prepare Forms, Checklists, Employee Newsletters, Custom...

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